Friday, June 18, 2010

Name Change (suggestions welcome)

The fate of Vermont Polygamy is at least partially decided. It's not "Vermont Polygamy" anymore though the "URL" will stay the same. There is no need to change where find this blog (and me) if you already know where to go. Perhaps someday when I muster the courage (and finances) to migrate to my own server/hosting/whatchacallit, the URL will match the blog title better.

I've moved, and I won't say where, partly because I'm not really there yet. I could be working in a straight line of places (circle?) that's a thousand miles long covering several states. Right now I'm in Missoula Montana, but that's only because my RV was parked there, and I'm now in that RV.

My wife and I are discussing what color my/our parachute is and that will determine largely where we go and what we do.

I am the following things:

Lobbyist (amateur).

Journalist (see above).

Theologian (eccentric).

Radio talent (professional past).

Salesman/Sales Manager (considerable successful track record).

Preacher (been in the pulpit, no lie).

Activist. (Pain in the hindquarters).

Combining all those various talents I figure I could be:

Another Finance/Sales Manager in the car industry.

A salesman in the car industry (or several others).

An announcer/newsman or broadcast talk show host.

A real estate agent/representative.

The head of a new denomination (I keep suggesting this to a resounding silence).

A preacher.

A lobbyist.

The last three are what I'd really rather do but as I have said, the interest level is low. I figure to be an effective lobbyist, I'm going to have to get married again, and that is something I would have to rewrite a "deal" with the wife to do.

A preacher puts me at odds with the vast majority of polygynists (the form of polygamy practiced by most Christian plural marriage participants), since most of them have some form of "Calvinist lite" soteriology at best, and the rest have a strong "free will" leaning or an outright version of Arminianism that is so innate on their part that I don't even think they know they are Arminian. In short they seem to know they're not Cavlinist, and often violently react to a "Predestinarian" sort of outlook but I'm not sure they know who Jacob Arminius is.

There does seem to be a dawning awareness of a need for a "polygynist church," the the opposition to perceived "Churchianity" is also a barrier. Being a preacher, combining that with starting a new denomination would be, truly, a work of God in all ways.

Being a lobbyist runs up on the rocks of the same sort of independence that rebells against "Churchianity." Most Christian Polygynists don't want legal polygyny, they just don't want to be bothered. I fear that after a few more "raids" they'll change their tune. Some of these new singers will be trained (sadly) in the jailhouse. Being a lobbyist would be a close second in terms of preference, but in that case the easiest way to be heard is through taking another wife (which alters my agreement with my wife and requires her assent) and working a combination of court action and legislative presence. In that case I'd be traveling back to Vermont and New Hampshire and Washington DC to whine in the ears of an unreceptive legislature.

Failing to alter my agreement with my wife would require hooking up with a polygynist family who was willing to push a court case with them being the example.

So that's the rough outlook I have for a future. Chances are good I'll end up as some sort of salesman. I'd like to try the preacher/denomination/lobbyist path.