Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's Bigamy Stupid, not Polygamy

The crime, no matter how hard law enforcement tries to twist and turn in the creation of laws, and enforcement of them, is the legal registration of more than one marriage.
The Detroit Free Press - "(St. Clair Shores police Detective Margaret) Eidt said (Martha) Fleming married her second husband Jan. 30 at Christ Gospel Tabernacle Church, 30500 Harper, in St. Clair Shores. But she had been married to a man in Bay City since 1996.

Sometime shortly after her second marriage, she took the inheritance check from her second husband, cashed it in Harper Woods and took off, Eidt said.

The detective said a civil attorney representing the second husband discovered Fleming was already married. Eidt said Harper Woods police are investigating the theft of the inheritance check."
Nevertheless, the suspicion of bigamy remains probable cause when invading your home. By having your marriages be informal, instead of formal, you, as a polygynist, leave yourself perpetually open 24/7/365 to home invasion, by law enforcement.

You may not be legally registered with more than one spouse as Martha was, but your purporting to be married to more than one spouse, however tenuous, leaves you open to arrest and investigation with probable cause.

You have to hide and lay low as a result.

What sort of life is this for a Christian who is told NOT to hide their light under a bushel? Hat tip "Christian or Biblical Polygamy."

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