Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New York Teters on the Edge of Same Sex Marriage

Sleeping New York State is back on the Gay Marriage blotter:
The Troy Record/AP - "Some key legislators have tied the long awaited vote to passing a deficit reduction plan. That’s now expected to be done this week.

While the bill was passed months ago by the Assembly and has the governor’s backing, its prospects in the Senate remain uncertain.

Paterson says Tuesday he’s confident it will pass, but he wants a debate and vote in any case to advance the cause.

Opponents like Democratic Sen. Ruben Diaz say they remain ready to fight the measure and don’t think a vote is imminent."
I have been a lobbyist in Vermont, for 6 months now, I could easily expand my efforts to the nearby State Capitals in New York, New Hampshire and Maine.

There's no interest though and it's expensive.

I figure we'll wait until the Polyamory crowd defines marriage in plural fashion, in a way that will be harmful to ours.

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