Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gay "Marriage" in Maine, or not.

Maine became the second government to pass a gay marriage law, and it was immediately challenged.
The Associated Press - "Couples anxious to wed under Maine's new gay marriage law may have a long wait. A formal challenge to it has been filed, setting into motion plans for a possible public vote that could be months or more than a year away.

'We're very disappointed,' said Steve Ryan of Buxton, who was looking forward to the new law with his partner, Jim Bishop. 'We plan to get married as soon as we can. This is going to put our whole life on hold.'

Activists on both sides Thursday started working up strategies for campaigns leading up to a possible November referendum under a state constitutional provision known as the people's veto."
Eventually the fickle American electorate will just tire of being bullied about the subject, and pass it.

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