Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gay "Marriage" Bills advance in Maine and New Hampshire

My territory may expand. I shall have to look into registration as a Lobbyist and accompanying political action in both New Hampshire and Maine. From the Blog of Robert Schlesinger at US News and World Report:
"I noted with satisfaction that Maine's senate passed a gay marriage bill this week. So too did the New Hampshire senate. Whether the two lower chambers will pass the accompanying bills is unclear (New Hampshire's house passed a slightly different version, so they have to address it again), and whether the governors would sign the bills is also not known (Maine's governor used to be opposed but now says he may be open to the experience). As Josh Marshall points out, it may be that we've reached some sort of societal tipping point on this issue—I can only hope so."
With the repeated caveat that I don't wish to advance the cause of Gay "Marriage," I am entirely willing to swoop in on the wreckage it leaves behind to salvage something of value.

Though it sounds arrogant, I have been right all along on this, pointing out years ago (though I was not alone) that gay marriage would be a reality and that it would be soon (it happened in the time frame I gave) and that polygamy would follow shortly afterward.

The danger continues to be that in trying to preserve a church legislated definition of marriage, that the church will then fail to act and defend marriage from the coming storm. There is still a window of opportunity but it's closing fast. The conservative, evangelical, reformed denominations need to band with polygynists to protect the true Biblical definition of marriage.

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