Monday, April 27, 2009

In Iowa, plural marriage speculation starts.

Monsignor Frank Bognanno is horrified, but correctly observes the potential.
The Des Moines Register - "Monsignor Frank Bognanno said he has heard no debate at his Christ the King parish. Twenty centuries of Catholic teaching won't change, he said.

'I'm just telling them what the natural law is. It is prima facie - self evident,' he said. Marriage between one man and one woman is best for society and raising of children and not simply a religious argument, he continued.

'Even atheistic cultures hold to one man, one woman. The next logical thing is you are going to have polygamy. I would predict someone is going to file a lawsuit and say I have fallen in love with three women and we all want to get married. Since there is no law, why discriminate against me?' "
"Natural Law?" That's specious. If natural law made this evident to us, why do so many cultures practice polygamy? Why do so many members of the animal kingdom? This is posturing. Bravado.

Nevertheless, whether it is the fearful Monsignor, or someone like myself, with anticipation and advocacy, we're both seeing the same thing. It won't be long before someone tries it. I still think the best place to try it, is here in Vermont. If I'm wrong about venue, and right about the result, I am content.

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