Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's Official! I am now a Lobbyist!

I, Hugh McBryde, am now an official LOBBYIST in the state of Vermont. That, I think, means I can wander the hallowed halls of lawmaking and maybe the cloakrooms of the legislature and do a little arm twisting. I shall have to do some investigating on that front right away. Probably Thursday.

Vermont cashed my check, and they initially and predictably misspelled my name, something I am assure will be corrected quickly. I feel like Lance Parkertip, NNR. My commission though, has not yet expired!

More serious business. I need to begin collecting money. This is a nasty, dirty necessity but there's no getting around it. Very soon after it is determined what protocols I must or must not obey to use the name "Vermont Polygamy" in connection with donations, I will put up the appropriate "Pay Pal" button and also list an address for taking donations. There are other various filings. Once there are $500.00 in donations I have to file certain things with Vermont.

This is important because I can be just as serious about promoting legalized polygamy in Vermont, which ultimately means legalized polygamy everywhere to the degree the effort is monetized. There is a web address I wish to buy that costs a good deal of money. There is the question of whether or not I do this part time, or full time. I will be willing to mortgage my future to the cause if you are.

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