Saturday, April 11, 2009

Setting Up Shop

I have received a $60.00 donation, and will be filing the necessary lobbyist forms with the state of Vermont this week. The next fund raising goal is $500.00. When that additional donation mark is reached, Vermont Polygamy will file paperwork to register a political action group in this state. For now, until I put in a "Pay Pal" button, you may donate at "Modern Pharisee."

Speed is of the essence. The goal of the political action committee is to have legislation ready by the next legislative session which starts in January of 2010. The immediate goal of Vermont Polygamy is to have a test case in the courts or decided by September of this year when Vermont's liberalized marriage law takes effect.

Very simply the more money that comes in, the more time I can allocate to this pursuit. The more money, the more organized. The more money the more legal assistance. You get the picture. Ultimately a full time organization could pursue legalization in other states.

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