Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday Roundup?

Why a Wednesday Roundup? Because I didn't do one yesterday. From "Midnight Urbanites," she thinks we should legalize polygamy:
"I also think polygamy should be legalized. I am very confused as to why that wasn't the first seems like a more natural progression to wear people down."
Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse seems to publish one of those blogs that just collects articles some of which are hers. The tone seems anti polygamy but it might be a good resource. "Ted's Blog" repeats the argument that gays always bring to the table, namely, whose "Traditional Marriage" are we talking about?
"Abraham, Jacob, David, and most notoriously Solomon all practiced polygamy."
John T. Floyd, whose blog I like and follow, answers an email to my friend Ziggy, whose blog I like and follow. It's great to like people:
"The recent decision by the Iowa Supreme Court legalizing 'gay' marriages (along with Connecticut and Massachusetts) will ultimately create the new line of attack on bigamy statutes, The traditional reason for prohibiting homosexual marriages, just as with multiple marriage, is the threat they pose to our society’s historical definition of 'marriage.' If gay marriage does not unconstitutionally threaten that historical definition, then certainly polygamy does not pose a greater threat. Again, as we presented in our blog, Texas does not, nor do most states, protect marriage, either through its constitution or laws, as an 'institution.' It is a 'status.'” A 'status' can be redefined while an 'institution' cannot. Ergo, 'gay' marriages in Iowa (the American 'heartland'), Connecticut and Massachusetts )."
"" shows why we ultimately cannot count on the left whle they may be convenient allies in the foxhole right now:
"America has no shortage of lunatic polygamous militia sects. No shortage of anti-government Neo Nazi white power yokels who would move heaven and earth to destroy the fabric of this nation. And I’ve got to tell you, if I were some bat sh*t crazy white power militia guy, right now I’d be feeling a little hurt."
But then the writer turns right around and complains about FBI persecution:
"Now I know I’m turning all of this into a joke, but it’s really the only way to address this insanity. It’s been known for a while that the FBI has a raging (vendetta) for vegans. And I wonder how long it may be before the FBI comes after vegans who’ve condemned all forms of property destruction and violence."
Maybe if you turned that blast furnace of a mouth down a bit and realized we might all be in a similar fox hole?

Let me know if you've found any articles, I'll post them.

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