Monday, April 20, 2009

A Muslim Perspective on Western Polygyny

From Somalia (or Canada), Mohamed Awaleh:
Hiiran Online - "Although polygamy was supposedly outlawed by the Vatican ( the Pope's headquarter in Rome) hundreds of years ago, the practice is still far from dead in the North America and the West, in general. The only difference today though is - they call it : mistress.

The majority of married men in America, Canada and Europe are known to cheat on their wives – as part of social norm.

The difference between a mistress and a second wife is : the (second wife) is honoured, recognized and respected in the Muslim community while a mistress is kept in the dark, unacknowledged and reduced to just a piece of meat. A mistress is merely there to serve the satisfaction of the Man's lust and ego.

Yet the Western media and Politicians have the audacity to judge the Muslims about the practice of the Polygamy. The religion of Islam is repeatedly bad-mouthed in order to systematically divert the American, Canadian and European females attention away from the humiliation and the emotional and psychological bruises they endure from cheating and other forms of sexual exploitation : pornography, nude-dances and breast implantes, etc.

Unfortunately, Western women are constantly and maliciously entertained with lies - through series of well-calculated documentaries and films that are usually aimed at painting Muslim women as being abused by their husbands ; simply to make their women feel good about themselves.

The Western males have surely duped their women into thinking that they are free and independent ; better than the Muslim women, of course. Boy… do I envy ; they Western men's little fraudulent psychology : make the Western females feel good about themselves – at the expenses of putting every body else down.

According to various studies, however indicates that over ninety percent of wealthy and affluent men ( Politicians, Businessmen, Media personalities, Lawyers and Medical professions, to mention few) in the West are likely to and do engage in extra-marital affairs with one or more partners. Adultery within a marriage has been accepted as normal, particularly among these phony men, whether they publicly admit to it or not.

Think of how many families they have destroyed in the process ; and they pretend as champion of human rights. They have no moral authority to tell anybody what to do. They have to quite kidding themselves and legalize Polygamy ; if they are serious of alleviating the pain and suffering of their women and children."
Mohamed Awaleh's email address is Mr. Awaleh seems ill informed on the practice of Christian and LDS/FLDS polygyny not realizing that we simply don't register our marriages, but the second wives and third wives are well aware of each other and often live under the same roof. Nevertheless I present his article to you as the justifiably derisive snorting of one who sees hypocrisy and says something about it.

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  1. An observation:

    Same sex marriage has a great deal of popular support today because banning it requires that one discriminate against a minority group. If one is predisposed to oppose gay marriage (and I'm not FWIW), then you'd need to argue that this discrimination is proper and not bigotry.

    Muslims are probably best situated to make the same argument about polygamy. Popular culture has been presenting Muslims in an increasingly sympathetic light in the last few years. Social acceptability of prejudice against Islam is maintained now mostly only in the same venues where jokes about homosexuality is still tolerated.

    Polygamous Mormon and Protestant groups have not been extended the same courtesy, and can still be vilified in "polite company" more or less with impunity. Orthodox Jews can certainly claim historic persecution, but that will not resonate with the younger generation who are showing a willingness to redefine marriage.

    The first successful court challenge to laws forbidding polygamy will (IMO) probably be made by Muslims who are first generation Americans because they are most likely to be seen as members of a 'victim class' whose rights must be protected from the populace.